The Feldenkrais Method® is a revolutionary, new approach, designed to immediately open up new possibilities for movement and well being.

The Method consists of a large body of movement lessons. The lessons benefit a complete range of people from the old to the young, from the athlete to the injured - in each case replacing the previous limitations with new and unexpected possibilities.

The genius of the Feldenkrais Method is that it not only produces remarkable transformations, but that it does so in an extraordinarily subtle and gentle way. Many experience change and improvement in a short period of time that often years of trying did not provide. The lessons are safe, gentle, subtle, and above all, fun.

Developed by Moshe Feldenkrais PhD (1904-1984), physicist, engineer, martial artist and educator, who developed the Feldenkrais Method by studying the direct relationship between bodily movement and the ways we think, feel, learn and act in the world.

In these lessons you will experience:

  • Movement improvement
  • Greater comfort
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Increased flexibility, vitality and vigor
  • A new level of freedom, creativity and spontaneity in life.